Four Centuries of Solitude

All that's left are memories of a witch.

Quite an idealist.

Character Info

FANDOM ☆ Code Geass
AGE ☆ 400 years old (approx.)
GENDER ☆ Female
ROOM ☆ 201

TIMELINE ☆ 2012 - Code Geass R2
POWERS/ABILITIES ☆ When in close proximity to another person, C.C can afflict them with a hallucinatory experience of chaotic and ominous images, pertaining in part to the memories of the target involved; the content varies with the afflicted. Physical contact, either direct or via a Knightmare Frame, may facilitate the process. Suzaku is shown images of his father (whom he murdered) as well as parts of C.C.'s memories, driving him into a panic. In another instance, Anya is shown images of Lelouch's childhood, causing her to freeze in wonder until contact was severed. It tends to activate involuntarily at various points, such as when Lelouch's Geass becomes permanently active. Apart from psionic abilities, C.C. is a capable leader, able to rescue Lelouch from Britannian traps, and handle firearms with some proficiency. She is also an accomplished Knightmare pilot, able to pilot both standard Knightmare Frames as well as copilot the Gawain with Lelouch. Before becoming immortal, C.C.'s Geass, gained in her contract with a nun, granted her the power "to be loved," the ability to make anyone around her love her. It first manifested in her left eye, eventually maturing to permanently active sigils in both eyes. Once it reached its full potential, the nun who granted her the power forced her immortality upon C.C., giving her Geass sigil on her forehead and the similar scar under her left breast. As part of the exchange, C.C. became immune to the effects of Geass while losing her original power.

PERSONALITY ☆ C.C. lived 400 years of solace, her experiences made her become a detached and lonely individual with a minimal amount of care for those she came into contract with, while in the past, she was a spoiled and cheerful girl. She admitted to Lelouch she has fallen victim to the grey areas of time, unable to remember who loved and hated her. She is a stubborn soul, with an awful penchant for pizza. She once risked being identified, going out in public to indulge a piece of the largest pizza. Seflish at most times, she shows great affection for Lelouch, taking the role of Zero, to save him and many more. She refuses to admit, she sees him more than just an accomplice.

APPEARANCE ☆ C.C. appears like this.

HISTORY ☆C.C. is introduced in the first episode, where she emerges from a fake gas capsule seized by Japanese rebels. She saves Lelouch Lamperouge from the Britannian soldiers trying to recapture her, taking the shot intended for him. To keep the soldiers from simply shooting again, she grants him the power of Geass, which she calls the "power of the king", on the condition that he grant her greatest wish. Lelouch accepts and is granted the power to control people's actions. Since she appears to have died following this, he leaves her body behind. She unexpectedly reappears in the fifth episode, casually folding origami with Nunnally. From this point on she passively oversees Lelouch's missions as Zero, wanting to keep him alive so he can fulfill his contract, often going as far as wearing his clothes and impersonating him when situations become life-threatening.

When C.C.'s existence is revealed to the Black Knights, she gains considerable unofficial standing, as she is seen by other members to be one of Zero's closest advisors, if not his top advisor. However, her willful attitude and lack of an official posting annoys some veteran members and causes confusion as to her role within the Black Knights. At one point, Tamaki goes so far as to accuse her of being a member only because she's Zero's lover, a claim which she coldly denies. When the Black Knights gain possession of the Knightmare Frame Gawain, she becomes its pilot while Lelouch operates the weapons.

In the season finale, she uses the Gawain to battle Jeremiah Gottwald's Siegfried so Lelouch can save his sister. She drags both it and herself to the ocean floor to end the battle while narrating that the spark of Lelouch's actions was the core of human motivation: the desire for just a small amount of happiness. According to Yukana in a conference memo, C.C. was crushed by the water pressure, but being immortal, ultimately drifted to the surface and revived; it is stated that it was too gruesome to be shown.

At the start of the second season, C.C. appears to be commanding the Black Knights. She and the rest of the surviving Black Knights initiate an operation to unlock Zero's memory that was sealed away by the Emperor of Britannia. Despite the Intelligence Agency having followed Lelouch in anticipation of that exact outcome, she is successful in restoring his memories. She takes up her old position following this.

She is revealed to have formerly led the Geass Directorate, a secret organization that studies and produces Geass users. V.V. succeeded C.C. as the leader, and relocated the headquarters to somewhere in the Chinese Federation. After pinpointing the location of the Geass Directorate, Lelouch orders C.C. to lead the attack against it. Some of the scientists recognize C.C. and beg her to save them, but they are killed before she can answer. She also reluctantly kills V.V.'s direct subordinates when they attempt to escape by bullet train in order to bury the existence of Geass. Her past is revealed to Lelouch after he is transported to the Sword of Akasha to face the Emperor. She also reveals that he would have become immortal had he granted her wish, which is to die, and spares him by offering her life to the Emperor. Lelouch refuses to let her die unhappy and rescues her, but she loses her memories of Geass and the related abilities, reverting to her personality as it was before she came under the contract that ultimately bestowed immortality upon her.

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Lelouch - mine, lover accomplice

Dilandau - sociopathic frenemy

chaos - righteous friend

Sakura - good friend

(What a selfish woman.) Of course, for I am C.C.

Overall Info

Rating • Varied
Death • Erm...I don't think so.
Smut • Maybe not.
Yaoi/Yuri • No thanks, unless it's a matter of saving Lelouch.

Player Info

Name • Kynna | punky_psyche
AIM • witchisgrey[at]aol[dot]co[dot]uk
Email • witchisgrey[at]aol[dot]co[dot]uk

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